1. With my interest in Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and his training in Froebel’s German Kindergarten, please check out my book titled Close-Up View of Froebel’s Kindergarten with Frank Lloyd Wright at the Drawing Table.

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    Wally Rogers
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    A Frank Lloyd Wright Save is a Froebel’s Kindergarten Save

  2. This brings back memories of the summer of 1968. I was the rehearsal pianist for the U. of WI's Arts in the Uplands summer opera program. Our rehearsals were in Wyoming Valley School. I think the program was 4 or 6 weeks. The great opera director Boris Goldovsky was a visiting coach for a week. The theatre wing of the program had Lee Strasberg in for several days. For me, it was extraordinary luck to be able to observe these legends at work.
    The Milwaukee Repertory Theatre was in residence several weeks rotating Streetcar, Maria Stuart, and Amphitryon 38. Several young actors in the company went on to considerable careers: Charles Kimbrough; Jeffrey Tambor, Michel Fairman, Erica Slezak, Marc Alaimo, and Penelope Reed.

    Richard Zimdars
    Professor Emeritus of Piano
    University of Georgia
    Athens, GA

  3. I, too, was part of the Arts in the Uplands program in the summer of '68. I was only 19 and hadn't really had any experience, and the program was enlightening and valuable. (I was part of the opera program.) The Wyoming Valley School was our own private rehearsal space, which was a treat (though the acoustics were quite "alive").
    It was an amazing experience for me, and I can't help but smile just thinking about it. There were 3 groups: opera, theatre and ballet, and we all got to mix socially with the members of the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. Words can't express how special it was. At the end of the program, we got to perform some short operas; the theatre workshop mounted Carlino's Telemachus Clay.
    Like most arts programs, there wasn't enough money to repeat the program in subsequent years, and we were its only participants.

    Ramon Gawlitta, Retired Tenor
    Milwaukee, WI

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